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Jason Momoa’s Mananalu Water launches at Whole Foods Market

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

On a mission to end single-use plastic water bottles, Mananalu - an aluminum bottled water company founded by actor and activist Jason Momoa - unveiled a new wave-making partnership, announcing that its bottled water will be on the shelves of Whole Foods Market beginning March 10th.

March 7th, 2023, BOONE, N.C – Mananalu and Whole Foods Market have partnered up: The Austin-based retailer and world’s leader in natural and organic foods will launch Mananalu water at 514 of its stores across the U.S. on March 10th this year.

Customers can choose from four varieties of still, purified and triple-filtered water available in 16 oz. bottles made of infinitely recyclable aluminum: Pure, Tahitian Lime, Lilikoi Passion, and Pink Grapefruit. For each bottle sold, Manana

lu works with plastic-action platform rePurpose Global to remove the equivalent of one plastic bottle from ocean-going waste.

This unique program called Drink One, Remove One, is making waves for the planet – and it makes Mananalu and Whole Foods Market perfect partners. With a commitment to supporting local suppliers, thoughtfully sourcing products, and reducing its environmental footprint, Whole Foods shares Mananalu’s planet-loving values.

David Cuthbert, CEO of Mananalu: “We’re stoked to partner with Whole Foods in bringing our pure and flavored waters to more people and families. Our community has been asking for us to provide Mananalu at Whole Foods for a while. It is amazing to see this relationship be realized, especially with our joint alignm

ent toward sustainability and being able to engage more people in our Drink One, Remove One movement.”

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About Mananalu

Mananalu is a water brand on a mission to unplastic the planet and stop drinking from single-use plastic water bottles. Founded by actor, environmentalist, and Hawaiian-native Jason Momoa, Mananalu creates a wave of change by removing plastic for every aluminum water bottle of Mananalu sold or donated: Drink One, Remove One. To learn more, visit or follow us on Instagram (@mananalu.water).

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