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You Drink One, We Remove One: Here’s How It Works

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

As a Certified Plastic Negative product, Mananalu removes twice as much plastic from nature as we use, made possible by our partners at rePurpose Global. We call it Drink One, Remove One. If you’re curious to find out how it all works, read on. Spoiler alert: You’re kind of a big deal when it comes to this.

Our commitment to ridding the world of single-use plastic goes a step further than replacing your plastic water bottle with an aluminum one. This is why we’ve partnered with rePurpose Global, the world’s first plastic credit platform.

rePurpose Global in a Nutshell

It’s no secret that plastic waste is a destructive force on the planet. We already know that only nine percent of plastic actually gets recycled, but have you thought about what happens to the other 91 percent? Much of it gets dumped into the environment. Luckily, according to rePurpose Global, 80 percent of this plastic leakage could be solved by investing in existing solutions.

rePurpose Global is taking a stand against plastic pollution by removing over 14 million pounds of it every year in eight different countries. Their work provides a tangible way for companies looking to take action on their plastic waste. Through its pioneering ecosystem of solutions that span across advisory, action, and advocacy, the organization helps people and companies calculate, reduce, and offset their plastic footprint. They identify and vet project sites, design and fund the removal and recycling efforts, and conduct due diligence to ensure all projects adhere to global environmental and labor standards.

Repurposing low-value plastic

They also focus on the removal of low-value plastics, such as multi-layer packaging, which are largely ignored during clean-up efforts because they have no economic value. This delivers added impact by ensuring that your investment with rePurpose Global is used to collect plastic that would otherwise end up in the oceans.

And that’s not all. rePurpose Global has also found ways to reuse and recycle low-value plastics, which typically are seen as “unrecyclable.” For example, they’ve used these plastics to make bricks and housing or co-processed them through pyrolysis, a practice that uses low-value plastics as an energy source to replace coal in industries with high energy demands.

So, What Happens After You Buy Our Water?

Mananalu donates a percentage of every aluminum bottle sold to remove plastic waste from our water systems, through rePurpose Global. We’re proud to say that this has diverted over 111,554 pounds of low-value plastic waste from oceans and landfills each year.

Through our partnership, rePurpose Global collects, processes, and reuses multi-layered plastic packaging recovered in Bekasi, Indonesia. In addition to removing massive amounts of plastic from our waterways, the project also employs 150 waste-pickers in the region, empowers them to target low-value plastic waste, and saves over 31.9 tons of CO2 emissions.

Here’s what Peter Wang Hjemdahl, Co-Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer at rePurpose Global has to share on this partnership “By taking real plastic action, Mananalu is propelling impact forward in a big way and driving systems change. There has never been a time more important than now for brands to join the fight and spearhead critical action on the ground. We are proud to have Mananalu in rePurpose Global’s coalition.”

So for every bottle you drink, rePurpose Global activates an army of do-gooders to stop plastic from ruining our waterways. What else can we say except: Hooray you!

Thirsty? And do you feel like removing some plastic today? Shop our 12-pack here and our 24-pack here. It’s gonna be a good, plastic-less, day.



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I was ecstatic to hear about Jason's interview when I watched it on ABC this afternoon. My friend just got the URL to your business from you. He just left a prominent position at a US-based manufacturer of single-use water bottles, citing the company's role in contributing to widespread contamination as the reason for his decision. Your alternate option and source for water production is very appreciated. Thank you very much. coreball


I love love the Mananalu water.

I’m so happy I was able to get the Limited Edition version. Please be n touch for any surveys or job opportunities. Thank you for your time.


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