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for every bottle of Mananalu you drink,

we remove one plastic bottle from ocean-bound waste.

purified water in an aluminum bottle.
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This resealable and infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle is filled with hydrating, delicious, purified water.

Make a really big impact on the planet we all love, simply by being thirsty and choosing to drink water from an alternative to single-use plastic.

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founded by Jason Momoa.


this is way more
than just water

We remove water from plastic.

And plastic from water.

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we are able to remove 1 planet-hurting plastic bottle from ocean-bound waste for every bottle of Mananalu you drink.

drink one. remove one.

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where's the
water from?

We take good water from Montana, Nebraska, and California and make it even better by triple filtering it using reverse osmosis.

Our water has a neutral pH of ~7.

Our water is sustainably sourced close to our customers to minimize our carbon footprint. 


where can I buy Mananalu?

We are arriving on new store shelves every week. Check out our store locator for locations near you.

Or head to A
mazon and get free shipping with Prime. Choose subscribe and save to receive 5% off of every order.




Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its amazing properties.

60 days - that's the time it takes to go from recycling bin to back on the shelf. 

Our bottles are made of 69% recycled aluminum.

Aluminum has the highest recycling rate of all beverage packaging options.

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We work with rePurpose Global to actively remove plastic from ocean going waste.

Each bottle you drink removes the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle.

Plastic removal in coastal areas funds job creation in places like Indonesia. 

The plastic is removed, recycled, and repurposed... never incinerated or added to landfill.

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