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We're NOT perfect.

We want to have an honest discussion about how we source our water, what's in our water, and our aluminum bottles. We're not perfect, but with full transparency, we hope to continue to improve.


why don't you source from Hawaii?

Despite our Hawaiian name and founder, our water is not bottled in Hawaii.

Why? Because of our sustainability mission. By sourcing within the USA - in places like Bozeman, Montana, Montebello, California, and  Norfolk, Nebraska - we try to bring it closer to you and minimize our carbon footprint.

We take good water - from places like Montana - and make it better by triple-filtering it using reverse osmosis, adding electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, calcium) for taste, and packaging it in an aluminum bottle. Whenever possible we try to use renewable energy for this process.

Read all the ins and outs on our water sourcing here.

Just like with most things in life, perfect doesn’t exist. While we believe that aluminum is much better than plastic in the long-haul, it’s not perfect (yet).


The good part: Aluminum is a recycling hero. It’s not complicated to recycle (did you ever try to make sense of all those numbers on plastic packaging?), it never loses its quality, AND can be back on the shelves within 60 days. The bad part: Only 50% of aluminum is recycled in the US. The less recycled aluminum, the more we still need to mine for new aluminum, which - if we're being honest - is not good for the environment. So please recycle your aluminum bottles and cans.


Read more about all the good and the bad on aluminum here.

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water source

what's the deal with aluminum?

We are removing plastic waste

By working with rePurpose Global - the World's First Plastic Credit Platform - we remove the equivalent of one plastic water bottle from ocean-going waste for every Mananalu bottle that’s sold. More about that here.


We are carbon neutral

Together with our partner Climate Neutral, we offset all of our carbon emissions. From our employees to our production and shipping. 


We are promoting recycling

Mananalu cans are produced by Ball Corporation, the largest aluminum producer in the world. Ball is working hard worldwide to make aluminum more sustainable. They set an ambitious goal for 2030: 100% recycled aluminum cans. You can read more about that in their Sustainability reports

what are you doing to be more sustainable?

isn't this just another single-use product?

Even after all this, you might wonder why we produce another single-use product to begin with? We encourage all of you to bring your own water bottle as much as you can. However, there will always be a need for single-use water bottles. In that case, we want to offer a better alternative. Secondly, we hope that you always try to recycle your aluminum bottles and cans. Because other than plastic bottles, aluminum does get recycled once it's in your recycling bin.

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