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How this works.



We offer volume pricing  and flat rate shipping

(yes! we do ship to Hawaii, sorry, not yet shipping internationally or to Alaska)



We'll reach out by email or phone to get some more details and will provide an ETA for delivery.



Our pallets arrive (most often) by LTL freight so it's important that someone is available to receive the delivery.


 Purified water + Electrolytes 

16oz. resealable aluminum bottle

$1,569 - pallet (1,440 bottles) 

Requires tax resale certificate

Excludes shipping

 Flat Rate Shipping 

$300 for 1 pallet

$700 for 1 pallet in Hawai'i

20% discount on shipping per additional pallet

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  first time ordering?

  Here are some answers:  


Purified water + electrolytes added for taste. 

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Bottled using reverse osmosis across the USA, including  Montana, Nebraska, and  California.

16oz Aluminum bottle. 24 bottles per case. 1,440 bottles per pallet.

We work with various third party logistics to deliver water to you in the continental US and Hawaii. 

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Prior to your first shipment we will call to confirm shipping/receiving instructions. 

Interested in receiving our product from a distributor? We are adding new distributors as we grow and appreciate your patience! 


Each bottle is made of 69% recycled content.

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Some of our case-packs and pallets are wrapped in protective plastic. We're working on removing this from our supply chain!

60 days- that's the time it takes to go from recycling bin to back on the shelf! 


Each bottle of Mananalu removes the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle from ocean-going waste.

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We work with rePurpose Global to remove and verify all of our plastic offsets.

We've removed millions of plastic bottles and with your help can do a lot more!