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Yes! An Additional 50K Plastic Bottles Removed For 2 Major Trade Shows

We're extending our Drink One, Remove One promise to every guest in attendance at this year’s Natural Products Expo East and NACS Show. That means everyone - yes, you too - has removed plastic from ocean-bound waste simply by coming to the show. That's a total of 50K additional plastic bottles removed, on top of the 6 Million (!) we've removed as a brand so far.

Two important industry trade shows for the consumer packaged goods industry - the Natural Products Expo East (Sept. 28-Oct. 1, Philadelphia) and the NACS Show (Oct. 1-4, Las Vegas) - are right around the corner, and we plan to do more than attend the events and hand out our infinitely recyclable, aluminum bottled water.

We will activate our “Drink One, Remove One” promise on-the-ground at each event. Through an ongoing partnership with rePurpose Global, the world’s leading plastic action platform, we remove the equivalent of one bottle of ocean-going plastic waste for every bottle you drink. By extending this commitment to every guest in attendance at the forthcoming trade shows, we will remove an estimated 50,000 plastic bottles from ocean-going waste on top of the 6 MILLION (!) plastic bottles that have been removed so far.

It's no secret that we're pretty passionate about empowering the world to stop drinking from single-use plastics. Just as passionate as our founder Jason Momoa, who recently shaved-off his signature long locks in an effort to draw attention to the damage of single-use plastics to our planet. Bringing the “Drink One, Remove One” promise to the NACS Show and Natural Products Expo East is yet another way that we're taking action on this important cause and it emphasizes on the fact that small changes can mean big impact if we’re in it together.

Come see us at booth #2518 at Expo East or #3392 at NACS. Check out our wholesale options here.


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