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about that Mananalu bottle in your room...


We couldn't be more proud to be making waves with Halekulani. For every Mananalu bottle you drink at the resort, we remove one plastic bottle from ocean-bound waste through our Drink One, Remove One impact program. Together, we're saving thousands of plastic bottles from the ocean each year.

Jason Momoa, Mananalu's Founder

Thank you for joining the wave of change to end single-use plastic bottles around the world. For the land, for our oceans, and for the future generations that depend on us.


Jason Momoa

Do you want to learn more about our impact program?

We love that! You can find out more on how we remove plastic from ocean-bound waste with rePurpose Global here.

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Halekulani's Sustainability Efforts.

If you're located on one of the most precious islands on earth, you have to do your part. Halekulani is committed to more sustainable practices in our rooms, restaurant, spa and all places in between.

keep making waves at home...

We're all about bringing a refillable bottle everywhere you go. But for those moments that you can't, you can have some Mananalu on hand.

Aluminum is much better than plastic in so many ways, starting with its recyclability. So enjoy your stay and please recycle your bottle!

Climate Neutral Certified

Verified carbon neutral; from the bottle, to shipping, to our entire company.


Certified Plastic Negative Product

Each bottle you drink removes the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle from ocean-going waste.


1% for the Planet Member

1% of all Mananalu's revenue goes to support organizations fighting for this planet.


Infinitely Recyclable

Aluminum can be recycled over and over without losing its amazing properties.


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