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Remove 200 pounds of ocean going plastic waste through our partner rePurpose Global!

Everyone uses plastic, we get it. But now you can do your part by removing the equivalent of 6 months of your plastic footprint.


Here's how it works:


  • We work with a local partner: Through the non-profit rePurpose Global, we collaborate with a local social enterprise in India focused on ocean-bound plastic waste collection and recovery.


  • Plastic is removed from the environment: Your funds will recover at least 200 pounds of plastic waste that is otherwise likely to end up in marine ecosystems. 


  • Everyone wins: Our impact partner empowers waste workers to build new value chains for plastic waste management. You get to save plastic from becoming an unsavory dinner for a whale. 


After you buy we'll follow up with more details and a certificate of your plastic offset. Let's do this!

Plastic Offset - 200 lbs

Excluding Sales Tax
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