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Mananalu is now in Sprouts Farmers Market!

Through a new partnership with Sprouts, Mananalu found a nationwide retailer with a shared commitment to preserving the environment.

Sprouts Farmers Market and Mananalu went all out this Earth Day with the launch of their retail partnership, which allows customers to purchase Mananalu’s purified drinking water at Sprouts locations nationwide. For every bottle purchased at Sprouts, Mananalu will continue to remove the equivalent of one plastic bottle from ocean-going waste together with rePurpose Global.

The partnership occurs at a pivotal time for Mananalu, dovetailing with the company’s latest social media campaign–#makewaves–in which founder and actor Jason Momoa encourages celebrity friends and consumers to swap their plastic water bottle for a bottle of Mananalu. It also represents a shift in Mananalu’s overall sales strategy, which until recently was primarily direct-to-consumer.

When Mananalu began exploring a retail strategy, it was of critical importance to find a grocer with a shared commitment to sustainability, especially as today’s consumer increasingly gravitates towards brands that align with their values and priorities. With a focus on farm-fresh produce, innovation and an industry-leading approach to sustainability and ethical product sourcing, Sprouts was the natural choice (no pun intended).

“Our entry into the grocery space represents an important step in Mananalu’s mission to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles, and we are thrilled to have found a partner that shares our commitment to this important cause,” said Mananalu CEO David Cuthbert.

In addition to selling Mananalu’s aluminum-bottled water in over 380 locations nationwide, Sprouts is further promoting the brand to its eco-conscious customers through their Innovation Table and “Find a New Favorite” feature.

Find a Sprouts near you and make some waves, or shop our 12-pack here and our 24-pack here.


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