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Jason Momoa takes over Mananalu’s demo booth unannounced in Whole Foods Market

Jason Momoa in the Mananalu demo booth at Whole Foods Market
"Let's unplastic the planet!"

To celebrate the launch of Mananalu water at Whole Foods Market, Jason Momoa - founder of the company - showed up unannounced at the retail location in Orlando, Florida. The actor and activist took over the demo that was happening; handing out signatures, selfies and hugs along with Mananalu’s aluminum water bottles to excited shoppers.

April 5th, 2023, BOONE, N.C – Shoppers at the Whole Foods Market in Orlando were in for a surprise on Sunday, April 2nd, while running their afternoon errands. The Mananalu team was in the store handing out samples of their pure and flavored water in aluminum bottles when Jason Momoa, the founder himself, walked in unannounced, snuck up on the Mananalu team member to take over the demo booth.

Momoa is no stranger to surprise appearances within the Mananalu community. In August of 2022, footage of him suited up as a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant went viral, as he handed out Mananalu bottles on a Hawaii-bound flight to celebrate the partnership with the airline.

With continued growth and scale around the country with other key retailers, Mananalu is gearing up for a big campaign around Earth Day - between April 18th and April 24th - activating their passionate community of planet-lovers to create a wave of change, inviting consumers to share on social media what they do to help unplastic our planet.

Whole Foods Market launched Mananalu earlier in March 2023 in stores nationwide. Mananalu’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastic, supported by their Drink One Remove One initiative: for every bottle of Mananalu sold, one plastic bottle is removed from ocean-going waste in partnership with plastic-action platform rePurpose Global. With the help of their community of wavemakers, Mananalu stops millions of plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans. Or, in Momoa’s words: “We’re going to unplastic the planet! Are you with us?”


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