Environmental background for a eco-friendly drinking water company


Ready to swap plastic bottles for canned water?

A paradise flower to support a eco-friendly drinking water company.

Canned water partnership opportunities

plastic-free facilities from a eco-friendly drinking water company

Declare your facilities single-use plastic-free.

partnership and sustainability media promotion for a pure drinking water company that is eco-friendly

Use our available media channels to promote the mission.

press-releases about sustainable eco-friendly initiatives from a pure drinking water company

Share joint press releases, blogs, & media highlighting this partnership.

Microphone supporting an eco-friendly purifed drinking water company

Leverage our staff to speak about sustainability at your events.

canned water for events from an eco-friendly, purified drinking water company

Spread awareness by using our water in your facilities & events for our wholesale price.

An eco-friendly canned water produced by a pure drinking water company

Ask us about providing promotional water for special occasions.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts logo on Mananalu drinking water company partnership page
EcoCart in alliance with Mananalu, an eco-friendly, purified drinking water company

Partners that swapped plastic for aluminum

Earth Angel establishing a partnership with a drinking water company that supports an eco-friendly environment
Drew Barrymore Show that hosted Mananalu, in support of eco-friendly pure drinking water from the company
Lodestone events alliance with Mananalu, a pure, eco-friendly drinking water company from Jason Momoa
USABS Foundation Logo in collaboration with an eco-friendly, pure drinking water company, Mananalu
Overland expo partnering with Mananalu, an eco-friendly drinking water company