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this is jason momoa.

founder and chief wave maker.

Jason was born connected to nature in Hawaii. Surrounded by the ocean as a kid, he had big dreams of becoming a marine biologist so he could protect our oceans. Years later he would find himself in Hollywood playing Aquaman, with a platform so big and so influential -- he just knew he had to use it for good. So, he decided to take aim on the one thing he (and the ocean) hates most… single-use plastics.

On a flight is where the ‘aha’ moment happened for him. He found himself surrounded by single-use plastic water bottles but noticed that the soda, beer, and juice were all in aluminum cans. Why can’t we just package water in aluminum instead of plastic, he thought? What were we waiting for? So Jason called up a few friends, partnered up with Ball Corporation (the largest producer of aluminum packaging in the world), hired a bunch of really cool humans (nice to meet you!) … and Mananalu was born.

Watch this video to hear Jason talk more about how it all started, and how it's going. 

jason is
making waves

Mananalu is a catalyst for change… a wave of change that will eliminate single-use plastic bottles. Pronounced {mah-nah-nah-loo} in Hawaiian, it means just that. “Mana“ is the sacred spirit of life, and “Nalu” is a powerful wave that pushes across the ocean. 

Taking it one step further, we partner with rePurpose Global to remove, recycle, and repurpose plastic from the ocean to make the earth a better place for future generations. Drink One, Remove One.

We see a future free from single-use plastic and the pollution that follows. We believe there is a community of humans who see this too. With Mananalu, we might just get there.


Grab a bottle of Mananalu and drink like the planet depends on it. Because it kinda does.

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