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Ending single-use plastic water bottles

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“We can no longer wait. It’s time to stop pointing at the problem and get on with the solution. Single-use plastic is bad for people and bad for the planet. It’s time to switch to aluminum. We have to do this for our land, our oceans, and future generations.” 

Mahalo, Jason Momoa

The problem with plastic...

plastic bottle


of all the plastic ever produced has been recycled


pounds of plastic flow into the oceans every year


plastic water bottles are wasted each year


by this year there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight

But what if we switch to aluminum cans?


An aluminum can is back on the shelves within this timeframe


With the right effort, oceans can be restored to former glory within a generation, say scientists (a.k.a. dolphins doing fistbumps and turtles highfiving)*

*The Guardian, 2019


of all aluminum ever mined is still used today

Buy 1, remove 1

For every can of Mananalu that is sold or donated, we remove the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle from ocean-going waste.

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Earth is our mission & it starts with a simple sip. 

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