5 Ocean-Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Holiday

All we want this Holiday season is clean oceans - and we are guessing you do too. Therefore, we've listed 5 ocean-friendly gift ideas with a 100% feel-good guarantee. 

1. Not Just Any Reusable Water Bottle 

Our friends at Miir have some incredible designs on sale with eco-friendly programs ensuring your purchase is doing more than stopping single-use plastic. Their climate-neutral brand sports not just sleek water bottles, but reusable vessels for coffee, food, beer and wine.

2. A Zero Waste Coffee Kit 

Maybe someone you’re shopping for uses their Keurig a little too much, throwing away those plastic K-cups on the daily. These items for a zero-waste coffee kit can be the perfect gift and subtle nudge towards eco-friendly habits for your caffeine loving relative. Curious for more? Zero waste shopping hubs are absolute gold mines, like Well Earth Goods and EarthHero. 

3. Any Plant is a Green Thumbs Up

Plants are on a huge comeback these days. From apartment gardens to porch decor, plant parents are artists in disguise and would love a new addition to their window seal. But for those friends who haven’t figured out how to water greenery, maybe choose something that’s hard to kill (no shame, this author is a serial succulent killer).

4. Give By Giving Back

You can give directly to our oceans by supporting organizations like the Surfrider Foundation, a group dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans through a powerful activist network. Encourage your friends and family to join you and enjoy the holidays with a greater sense of purpose.

5. You Probably Saw This One Coming…

There’s this great aluminum water can brand that’s fighting single-use plastic water bottles. They say only 9% of plastic ever collected has been recycled, but 75% of aluminum is still used today. We’re having a hard time remembering the name though… but here’s the link to the web shop.

The Lonely Whale Gift Guide

If you need more options, the Lonely Whale Foundation will help you give back to the ocean this holiday with their 2020 Sustainable Gift Guide! We’re excited to be included alongside brands that have been vetted by Lonely Whale as products that are gentle on the ocean. Shop to support clean seas.

All in all, we wish you all the best in your Holiday shopping!

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