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Background of nature and the beauty of land and water with a solution to stop plastic pollution

Water in aluminum cans

Our eco-friendly, recyclable water bottles offer a solution to plastic pollution. 

Certified plastic negative product
Purified water in Mananalu's aluminum cans is a solution to plastic pollution.
Certified plastic negative water in aluminum cans product

Plastic negative promise

The truth is that plastic is not recycled after you put it in the recycling bin. Why? Because it is cheaper to produce new plastic than recycle used plastic. Aluminum, however, actually gets recycled. It's the most valuable piece in your recycling bin. And the production of aluminum is becoming greener and greener. 

It gets better. By partnering with rePurpose Global, we make sure that for every can that is sold or donated, we remove the equivalent of 1 plastic bottle from ocean-going waste. 

Sustainability of drinking pure water in aluminum cans
Water in aluminum cans poured out to make a seawave
We are a carbon neutral water in aluminum cans company solving to end ocean plastic pollution

We will be carbon neutral

in 2021 by offsetting our production and distribution emissions.

We offer drinking water in aluminum cans made from recycled aluminum

Mananalu cans are made with 73% recycled aluminum

— this is the highest rate in the industry.

Plastic water bottle showcasing the fight to solve ocean pollution

We are a certified plastic negative company

and remove more plastic from the environment than we use.

Aluminum can water donation is a plastic pollution solution

We donate canned water

to disaster zones to reduce the impact of single-use plastic water bottles in these areas.

Support for a solution to end ocean plastic pollution via water in aluminum cans

We support 1%

 for the planet and other.

Say yes to clean oceans

With every can, you're saying no to another plastic bottle ending up in our oceans. And you're saying yes to clean water, happy turtles, and oceans filled with life instead of plastic. Sounds good, right?

Plumeria leaf from a pure earth that solved plastic pollution

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Pure flower from a plastic pollution solution with water in aluminum cans
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#mananalumoment instagram image example
#mananalumoment instagram image example
#mananalumoment instagram image example
#mananalumoment instagram image example
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